For network password resets during the school day:
LOLHS: Mary Cikatz x1019
LOLMS: Pat Aldrich x2205
Lyme Consolidated School: Kyra Seurattan x3509

Mile Creek School: Tish Kirk x 3308

District-Wide: Andrew Liefeld x2412 or Tammy Noyes x2512

Note: your network password is also your password for Office 365, Canvas, ClassLink, Clever and Google Apps.

For PowerSchool/PowerTeacher password resets:
Tammy Noyes x2512

   Note: for students, their PowerSchool password is also their lunch PIN

For password resets during evenings/weekends:

Tammy Noyes 860-867-6196

For FinalSite or AESOP/Frontline password resets:
Jeanne Delaura x3600

For SafeSchools password resets:
Susan Miller x3609